WiFi Coverage

Do you have lightning fast fibre, but your WiFi coverage is terrible to non existent? Or do you have a multitude of WiFi Extenders or Repeaters that constantly needs to be rebooted and never works as they should?

Internal WiFi coverage and stability in the home or office is one of those frustrations that can drive you up the wall! Specially if you are about to sit down and watch a movie on Netflix and the WiFi stops working!

We have assisted a multitude of clients, private homes and businesses with their WiFI coverage and stability issues. We do this by doing a site visit and then quoting on and supplying an enterprise WiFi system that is affordable and expandable! No duplicate WiFi names – one name all over your premise, with stability, speed and handover from one access point to the next.

For more info or for a quotation, please make contact via our online request page.