Webpage for your business

Do you need an affordable webpage?

Webpages for your business

We can get your business on the World Wide Web!


Then we can help! We design, setup and help with the hosting of webpages for small and medium sized business.  The SMB market often cannot afford expensive webdesign companies and are as a result, often left without a website.


Why is a website important for your business?

It is important because it gives your company an online identity. Without a website, many potential customers will not know who you are, what is it that you do/provide or even have contact details.

This is where a website becomes an invaluable tool. It has the ability to tell your customer all about your business, the services or products your offer and most important why your offering is unique!

Immediately people have access to your company and this means business!


Costs ?

Pricing depends largely on the content and features of a site, but below table should give you a bit of an idea:

Size of websiteDescriptionCost estimate excl VAT
Basic siteUp to 5 pages, Contact, Forms, Tables and GalleriesR2500 to R3000
Moderate siteUp to 10 pages, Contact, Forms, Tables and GalleriesR4500 to R5500
Advanced siteUp to 20 pages, Contact, Forms, Tables and GalleriesR8500 to R9500

We can also quote on your specific requirements, for a custom quote please contact us.