Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Cyber Security is often neglected by the small business owner who is burdened by the day to day running of their business, until the unfortunate day, where they become a victim of Cyber Crime.

Scammers, phishing attacks, malware and adware, viruses and ransomware are only some of the attacks a small business needs to fend of and look out for on a daily basis.

Admin staff who receive hundreds of emails per day can easily get caught up in their work and miss the most basic of tell-tale signs of danger.

A out of date software package or even loading a presentation on an infected flash drive can cost small businesses thousands in losses.

With the POPI act and the European GDPR in force, every business has the added responsibility to ensure they keep their customers data safe and protected, otherwise they could face hefty fines.

A layered approach is recommended by industry experts to fend of the Cyber Risks faced by businesses.

JLC IT Services can implement various layers of security for your small business at affordable rates, these layers include: E-mail Security and Compliancy, Network Security, Firewalls, End User Device Protection and Management, Systems review, Backup and Disaster recovery and many more.

The first step is to contact us for a risk assessment of your systems, where after we can guide and assist you to up your Cyber Security game. Don’t wait until it’s too late!