Cloud Backup

Backup your data, servers or virtual machines to the cloud safely, securely and instantly!

Cloud backup offers protection against:

  • Backup drive failure
  • Ransomware data loss
  • Loss of data
  • Data changes – can revert back to previous data versions.
  • Data corruption

We offer two backup services; Uncapped Cloud Backup for large amounts of data and Comprehensive Cloud Backup for complete system images, small data selections over multiple machines and server applications. (Also see Office 365 Backup for backing up your Office 365 mail, OneDrive and Sharepoint services)

Uncapped Cloud Backup

Uncapped Cloud Backup gives you the option of backing up an unlimited amount of data per machine, and you only pay a per machine price, further the per machine price drops, the closer you get to 5 machines. This option is ideal if you want to backup data only.

Per machine price listing for uncapped backup.
Number of Pc'sCost Per device - excluding VAT per month.
1R 530
2R 355
3R 297
4R 268
5 or more Pc'sR 250

To sign up immediately, please complete the Uncapped Cloud Backup Form or for more information contact us.

Comprehensive Cloud Backup

Comprehensive Cloud Backup gives you the option to backup an entire machine and the machine state – hence you can restore your complete operating system. Comprehensive Cloud Backup also gives you the option of backing up servers, SQL databases and much more.

With Comprehensive Cloud Backup, you do not pay a per machine price, but rather for the amount of data backed up/storage used. Thus you can choose to backup a small amount of data from multiple machines and only pay for the data size, not the amount of machines. You can also choose how long your historic backups are kept.

Price listing for Comprehensive Cloud Backup excl VAT for various data sizes
Data SizePrice for data size excluding VAT per month.
50 GBR 430
100 GBR 510
150 GBR 590
200 GBR 670
250 GBR 750
300 GBR 830
350 GBR 910
400 GBR 990
450 GBR 1070
500 GBR 1150
600 GBR 1310
700 GBR 1470
900 GBR 1790
1000 Gb / 1TBR 1950

To sign up for Comprehensive Cloud Backup or for more information please contact us.



(Also see Office 365 Backup)